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AGIA is no more!

AGIA Informatik AG was founded in 1990 as an IT company specializing in high performance software and database technology. After nearly 18 years we have decided to dissolve the company so that we can spend our time on the more important things in life, e.g. God, Family, Music and Sport etc.

Elizabeth still works as an Oracle database specialist but now as an employee and very much enjoys administering databases rather than people and companies. Jon has moved out of IT into the altogether more interesting area of fighting intrigue and fraud at an international bank. Vicky programs only computer chips these days and Tim works as a Java programmer for the same bank as Jon.

We have been living in Kuesnacht on lake Zurich since the beginning of 2000. We still have our house in Gals, which we rent out as a holiday home, as well as an apartment in Klosters.

.....and if you want to see something completely different here are the photos from our Welsh Walk. We actually walked coast to coast across Wales! (well most of the way)
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