It was a lovely start to our walk. The weather looked promising and we were keen to set off early after being in the train the day before. I was expecting to climb a mountain of 1000 metres, so I was rather shocked to discover that the Carneddau are actually several different peaks. We were constantly going up and down even after we had apparently reached the highest point. On our way up to the fourth peak, Tim and I started getting slightly demoralized. It was unbelievably cold and windy in the mountains and at the end of the day the weather started to close in. It was a bit of an endurance test trudging down to Capel Curig but we arrived there at about 7pm in fairly good spirits.

Morning in Llanfairfechan, hopes are high that the mountain in the distance is less than halfway for today

Mum and me with the sea behind us and Anglesey in the distance


Dad (notice how we're all still smiling. Of course Dad is smiling stupidly on all photos and Mum manages to smile on the photos too.)

Mum once again, with one of the Carneddau (I think Carnedd Llewellyn) in the background

Mum and me having a snack at the cairn on Drum

looking back towards the sea

looking towards Anglesey

me on Carnedd Llewellyn (I think)

looking north towards the sea from Carnedd Llewellyn (still only guessing)

Mum wearing something she wasn't wearing before and I'm putting on a thick shirt too. (that may be Carnedd Dafydd behind us, but I might be wrong)(I am probably)

us on Carnedd Llewellyn

that might be Carnedd Dafydd (it also might not be Carnedd Dafydd)

looking east to a small puddle at the foot of Carnedd Llewellyn

must be windy. Mum's wearing her coat

and so am I

view of somewhere in Wales

this is going up a mountain we weren't supposed to go up. (that's a steap drop isn't it?)

good view of the sea (if you look at this picture full size, you can see at least 27 wind-farms)

view of Tryfan and the Glyders behind it (Tryfan the dark spiky one in front of the others)

another view of Tryfan and the Glyders (the two rocks called Adam and Eve are on Tryfan)

some wild welsh ponies we saw coming down the mountain we weren't supposed to go up

one pony with its foal

they must have warned all the other wild ponies in Wales of our coming, because after these we saw on the first day, we didn't see anymore.

is that Snowdon or Tryfan and the Glyders? (maybe all of them, but if one of them is Snowdon, then it's the only clear view we got of its peak except when standing on it)

Mum (nearly there now)

can't tell you what those mountains (or hills) are

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