Once again this was an extremely long day, with the beautiful views in the afternoon spoiled by heavy rain and sodden terrain underfoot. By the end of the day the camera had stopped working due to water damage the photos on subsequent days were all taken with a disposable! Progress was slower because Jon was in a lot of pain from his knee, which had been giving him trouble almost from the start. For nine days we had been going up and down mountains carrying very heavy backpacks, the downhill stretches being particularly hard on our knees. I was wearing incredible orthopaedic support contraptions so I suffered the least, but we were all taking Ibuprofen by this time (Tim getting cross whenever I gave Jon any, because it made him want to go up more peaks!). By the evening of the tenth day, Jon, whose load was the heaviest, could hardly walk at all.

Mum and me at the very beginning of that days walk

after crossing through several fields we ended up in one full of these weird tricksy sheep that started chasing us. Very nasty sheep they were I got scared and ran for it. Mum just stayed and waved her sticks at them.

Mum smiles as the sheep closest to her gets annoyed and expresses itself by "going to toilet"

Ah! Go away! Evil tricksy sheepses!

Dad and I had just come down that hill on the right, while Mum had gone around it on the road on the left and arrived a long while before us.

Mum looking kind of sad but I'm looking happier than ever! (It's quite difficult to put sarcasm into writing)

Mum and me. The lazy looking sheep in the background watching us and wondering what on earth we were doing.

Just look at those slow lambs on the road!

A house, look! Wow!

This is the long road we had ahead of us. At the end of it we'd find the "Pont A'r Elan"

the river Elan

Mum and me on the Pont A'r Elan that was covered with sheep droppings

one of the many reservoirs we had to walk along

Mum and me

how could Mum still smile?!

another view of a reservoir

and another

that's a nice looking recervoir

one of the damms

having a short break next to one of the reservoirs. Dads camera gave up after this photo and wouldn't take any more photos

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