In the morning we had discussions about Jon giving up because his knee was so bad, so Tim and I decided to finish the journey by bike. We found a mountain bike shop in Rhayader and bought ourselves two fabulous bikes. It turned out that Jon could still cycle, so we ended up getting him one as well. The owner of the bike shop transported our backpacks down to Builth Wells, where Andrew was clearing up after the Royal Welsh Show. We cycled down to Builth, had lunch with Andrew and selected some reduced baggage for the rest of our journey. The afternoon was lovely the sun was shining and we made excellent time getting down to Glasbury by early evening. I was so incredibly gleeful about our changed circumstances that Jon and Tim started suspecting me of somehow doctoring Jon's knee or hitting it every night with a hammer - as if I could ever have organized such good fortune!!

Come on Andrew! You can fit some more in there! It's practically empty!

Mum on her new bike

one of seven herculeses seen through the trees

Dad and me

beautiful picturesque landscape, like a painting

Mum and me on our bikes

another photo of the beautiful scenery. The Black Mountains, I think

Mum and me in Glasbury (on the Wye I think)

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