We made fast and easy progress to Brecon, where we had lunch. Cycling on country roads is so much easier than trudging through woods and fields in the back of beyond. Sailing down hills on your bike is a dream and you pass shops and pubs instead of having to struggle along carrying so much food and drink. Cycling up to the Storey Arms in the afternoon was a bit of a challenge, especially as Jon insisted on taking an extremely bumpy footpath (he hates cycling on main roads). However, this was easy compared to Jon’s original walking plan – in fact we arrived at our luxury “wellness” hotel in the early afternoon one day sooner than planned and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing.

Mum and me in the churchyard of a pretty little church somewhere between Builth Wells and Storey Arms

suprise photo of Mum

Nooo! He unexpectedly gets a horrible picture of me

Mum and Dad with Corn Dû (or however you write that) behind them

Mum Corn Dû (or whatever) behind her

Corn Dû and Pen Y Fan

Dad in front of Pen Y Fan and Corn Dû

Mum struggling up the path to Storey Arms

That was quite a tough path especially with that rucksack on and it just kept going too

finally we got to the top! I'd had enough of the rucksack short before we got to the top and so Mum tried to stuff as many things from the rucksack into her bumbag and then gave me it while she took the rucksack. It was really easy without the rucksack and I could then wait for ages until the others got to the top. They claimed to have taken ages eating chocolate! Yeah right! Think they can fool me, do they?!
From there it was down all the way to the hotel. It was great

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