In the morning it was raining so we didnít stop to take any photos. It was downhill nearly all the way and we made good progress as far as Pontypridd, where the signposts for the national cycle route suddenly petered out. Having lost our map of the area, we spent half an hour cycling in the wrong direction and found ourselves in the outskirts of this rather miserable town with no idea where we were. We finally got back on track and completed the easy and very pleasant ride down the Taff Trail to Cardiff. We were only slightly inconvenienced by the ridiculous barriers every few kilometers along the Trail, presumably placed there to deter motor traffic, but also virtually impassable for mountain bikes. Having stopped in Cardiff Bay for a quick drink to celebrate reaching our destination, we cycled up the respective hills, Tim and I to Lisvane and Jon to Llanrumney, to pick up the car and all the items we had given to Andrew

Mum and me in front of the Millenium Stadium

Dad and me at Cardiff Bay

Mum and Dad at Cardiff Bay

Mum, Dad and if you look closely you can see me in the reflection of the window too!

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