The weather was very wet and foggy, which had its compensations. After a fairly stiff climb up to the base of Glyder Fach, we decided it was too risky trying to go up it in the mist, so we took the minerís path over the hill to Pen-Y-Pass. It was quite atmospheric, walking through thick fog, occasionally coming across small groups of soldiers out training on the hillside. Toward the end of the day the weather brightened up and we got quite a good view as we descended into the valley, arriving at the hotel by late afternoon

it was raining and quite foggy on this day, so we couldn't go up the Glyders or Tryfan

I think that mountain behind us that you can't see for obvious reasons might be Snowdon

Pinky and the brain (Pinky smiling stupidly as usual)

me and Mum (I'm stuck between laughing and crying at Dad's stupidity)

the beginnings of the Glyders or Snowdon? (somewhere in Wales anyway)

Mum's still smiling, but I'm steadily losing my mind. (here with my tongue out)

That's the fat hobbit who trickses us. (Dad seems to be smiling stupidly in every photo he's in.)

Mum, heading down to where the Miner's Path goes down into the valley and the first of the Glyders goes up into the cloud.

Our hotel's down there in the valley. (That shiny long thing behind one of Snowdons arms there isn't a lake. It's the sky between the earth and the clouds! You can just see the real lake almost completely hidden behind the foot of Snowdon.)

you can see the real lake and our hotel more clearly on this one. Our hotel's in that group of trees, where the road to Llanberis meets the road to Beddgelert.

Mum smiling as we take a brake.

you can see one of the two little lakes next to our hotel on this one. (the peak of Snowdon still remains in its cloud.)

Mum with the Niagara Falls in the background (or is it the Victoria Falls?)

Agh! We don't want to see that! (Wow! Gollum's wearing trousers instead of a rag.)

Gollum and me with one of the two puddles and our hotel, part of Snowdon and some lake in the background. (since when does Gollum wear walking boots?)

view towards where Snowdon would be. (our hotel on the left of the photo and that speck slightly to the right of it is me, miles ahead.)

Mum and me in the bar of our hotel. (Edmund Hillary has been there often. Baldrick was very excited about that. He likes people called Edmund)

Mum and me again. This time the one who has many (rude) names joines us, as the bartender takes the photo.

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