The hotel didn't serve breakfast until 8.45am so we were forced to stay in bed longer - what a shame! Then it was raining so heavily that it was too dangerous to take our planned route up the Snowdon Pig Path. In spite of the miserable weather Tim was quite determined to climb the highest mountain in Wales, so we caught a bus to Llanberis and went up the tourist path. The walk up was easy but we got absolutely soaked. The summit was deserted, since the tourist train was not even running - in the middle of July! We didn't get much of a view at the top, where it was cold, windy, foggy and pelting with rain. The Rangerís path down was more like a river than a path and seemed interminable (our boots had been waterproofed of course but it didnít help much when we were sinking into all those bogs). By now we had changed our route so much because of fog, we decided to order a GPS system to be delivered to the next hotel!

Baldrick and Mum outside the Pen-Y-Gwryd hotel, where expeditions sometimes including Edmund Hillary often had their photo taken. (Baldrick'll have some cunnig plan to walk up Mount Everest next, you watch)

Mum and me standing next to a street-name-sign in Llanberis saying "Rhes Fictoria". (Luckily you pronounce "f" in Welsh like a "v" in English.)

ihis was the clearest view from Snowdon we had. The clouds and the mist were crawling around the mountains like snakes and spiders. It's clear to see where the Welsh got at least some of their weird stories and ideas from.

this photo was taken from the same place, not far bellow Garnedd Ugain, (or something) the second highest of Snowdons three peaks.

standing at hte beginning of the ridge. you still can't see the peak of Snowdon. (we decided not to go up Garnedd Ugain)

when we were halfway, it was only drizzeling and we were boiling, so we took our coats off and turned our trousers into shorts. No sooner had I done that, did it start raining cats and dogs non-stop. We were absolutely soked through.

Mum and me at the top. (why are there those funny looking things built on the top?)

I can't see why on earth Dad was smiling stupidly here. We were soaked. It was cold. There were no people apart from us. The train wasn't running and worst of all the restaurant was closed.

Dad and me. This photo was taken in a white room. My smile looks forced, but maybe I was just shivering.

Mum and me (isn't it actually "Mum and I") coming down the Snowdon Ranger path. Some puddle we saw while coming down behind us.

Mum and I in front of the Snowdon Ranger at the foot of Snowdon

me looking completely mad in front of Gelert's grave

that looks a bit better

our hotel on the other side of the bridge in Beddgelert

that happens to be another photo of our hotel in Beddgelert, taken from the other side of the stream. Imagine that! (what a coincidence!)

The comments seem to be getting stupider, don't they?
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