This was a very long day but at least the weather was quite good. We underestimated the length of time it would take us to get up to the top of Cnicht and ended up eating our lunch very late, which annoyed Tim. After lunch we covered a huge distance (some of it going back the way we had come) and came to a deserted slate quarry which was quite eerie. We were very glad to finally get down into the valley and even managed to travel a few stops on the Blaenau Ffestiniog railway, which made a nice change. Before this “holiday” I was never particularly keen on steam trains but now I am a convert!

that's us on the bridge in Beddgelert with our hotel behind us (good luck trying to spot us!)

still in Beddgelert

and still in Beddgelert

miles away from Beddgelert

same place - I think the River's called Afon y Glaslyn (or something)

Mr Angry & Mr Happy

I think that's Cnicht miles in the distance (that's where we were planning to have lunch at the top of there, and we did almost) (Actually that isn't Cnicht, I got confused)

There's the peak of Cnicht behind Mum

the sea - miles in the distance (Llanbedr, where the hotel is, is by the sea. only miles south of here too!)

I think that long speck over the lake is one of the Herculeses we saw.

I think that speck is too (a bit to the right just a bit above the lake. You'll never spot it! Hahahaha)

we still look quite optimistic here, don't we? (or is that a forced smile on my face?)

the idiot who guided us smiling stupidly (those who follow the idiot are even stupider than the idiot himself)

view north of Cnicht from Cnicht (I think)

view of Snowdon (the one you can't see because it's in the clouds)

another view of somewhere in Wales

the sea!

the moelwyns (just a guess)

is that Snowdon you can almost see through the cloud? (isn't the cloud part of Snowdon?)

two moronic people who haven't got a clue where they're going (I think I might know them)

that's them, that's the ones! having fun aren't they?

see those hills behind us? that's just a short piece of the long way we've come today!

Oh oh, Tinky-Winky! Where have Poh and Dipsy gone?

that's a lot of stone, that is

george and baldrick (or two hobbits: master and the fat one)

this is where dad led us to a huge drop and we had to go all the way back because we weren't aloud to climb down it. see that valley miles bellow us? that's where we were ment to be. (stupid dad. he's a fat hobbit and he tricksted us, he did)

dad would love to live here

signs that there once was civilisation of some sort here

stones everywhere you look, just stones. aah! (ok. that's enogh sugar for you, baldrick)

bridge over troubled water (or something)

back to civilisation at last! (only slightly out of date)

that's our little black rescuer being filled up there

the facts that dad was krippled and that he loves steam trains saved us from walking another "small" distance

a ewe and her lamb running on the trackes in front of the train entertained us for a long while (this is where the word "training" originates from)

go, go, as fast as you can. you can't catch me, I'm the super-lamb!

with a leap off the tracks and onto the road the great escape ends. (they had started off by running along side the train in their field and then broke out and jumped onto the tracks)

enough training for today (or "lambing", as the driver calls it)

look. the hobbitses is getting away! sees you them?

off the train. time to walk the last few miles of the today's short (short only by dad's standards) stretch.

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