In my opinion this was one of the worst days of the walk. We set off quite early but soon got behind schedule because of difficulties with navigation. Some of the footpaths weren’t properly signposted and the river was so swollen that the ford wasn't crossable so we spent ages looking for an alternative way over. The Rhinogs were extremely slow going - scrambling over miles of slippery rocks and having to go back down several times when we came to a cliff face. We saw a new side of Jon, the typical IT manager, not planning for unexpected things! We got pretty demotivated when he told us we were nearly half way after more than 6 hours of walking. We finally reached Llanbedr at around 8.30pm by which time we were exhausted and very hungry.

this is a phot of Mum and me by the lake where that old nuclear power-plant is

this is another of those many places Dad led as astray. We couldn't find the place to cross this stream and were looking for it for ages.

Mum walking away from the lake (I think the power-plant is exactly behind her but I'm not sure)

I wasn't very happy here because after Dad had led us astray we were miles behind schedule and he told us we could only have lunch when we got to the top of some stupid mountain, so we had lunch really late, and me and Mum left Dad miles behind when we shot up the stupid mountain. (sadly we had to wait for him!)

this day really was absosuletly horrible. The Rhinogs are just so difficult to traverse. You have keep turning back when you get to cliff faces (because Mum and Dad were to scared to climb down them) and there are swamps and bogs everywhere. I sank right into one. Sank in right down to my knees.

I still can't believe why Mum's smiling on this photo (she's hysterical). It was such hard going and we were having to turn back or scramble over rocks every few minutes.

one of the Rhinogs we decided not to go over

Mum and me on a rickety old bridge. I was really tired and crippled at this point.

this picture was taken while I was miles behind (for a change)

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