In the morning the weather was fine and Dolgoch waterfalls looked a lot more attractive than they had the night before. We started off well, but for some reason I found climbing Tarren Hendre extremely difficult, even though it was not particularly strenuous. Maybe because the grass was so long and wet or because we kept thinking the top would be just over the next ridge - it just seemed endlessly monotonous. We were rewarded with lovely views when we finally reached the top. The rest of the route was rather overgrown and difficult to traverse, but we got to Machynlleth by early evening in time to get caught in a downpour while browsing the shops....

Mum and me at one of Dolgoch's falls

another of Dolgoch's falls

looking south to the Dywi and where it flows into the sea (Aberdywi? Just guessing!)

the Dywi in the valley

looking south to Punlumon across the Dywi valley

the sea

dumb and dumber (on Tarren Hendre)

looking to Cadair Idris from Tarren Hendre (I think)

Mum walking back down Tarren Hendre (I'm the yellow person miles ahead of her)

Mum, smiling as if she were just taking a walk in the park (I think that's Cadair Idris behind her)

Mum, having managed to climb over a rickety old cow-stopping-thingy. But will the pea-brain of a Baldrick be able to climb across the barbed wire

I think that's looking to Cadair Idris

lunch time

Mum, demonstrating the typical "foot paths" we used (spot the foot-path-sign!)

me, demonstrating the brilliant condition of the foot paths

Mum in mid-air over a huge drop with a rapidly flowing river at the bottom of it. this is where that wannabe foot path led us! (it's easier to blaim it on the poorly marked foot paths than take the blame (how do you spell blame?) yourself!)

Dad was kind of hoping she'd fall in here. Would have made a good photo!

Mum and me on the bridge not far from Machynlleth.

Mum and me under the spiky thing in Machynlleth.

me in Machynlleth. Behind me, the spiky thing

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