This was an interesting day. The weather was mostly bad Ė we could hardly see each other let alone any landscape. After eating our sandwiches perched on wet rocks, it brightened up for a short time and we saw some lovely scenery. It was a complete wilderness, though, miles from anywhere and we didnít see a soul except hundreds of sheep all day. Just before starting the climb up Plynlimon, Tim actually managed to free one that was caught in a wire fence and had given up trying to escape. After descending the other side of the mountain we were quite excited to see roads with occasional cars on. Unfortunately there was still quite a long way to go before we got to Pant Mawr and we arrived at our hotel shattered, with sore and aching limbs.

just look at the beautiful weather we had! We really enjoyed ourselves that day!

us in front of some puddle called Glaslyn or something

Mum next to a deserted human construction in the middle of nowhere

Mum and me clearly having the time of our lives

Mum with a yellow tail

Mum and me, somewhere between here and there

recognize that place? The Welsh Wilderness. You don't even meet sheep there!

Lunch time and what fine weather it is to just sit down outside relax and enjoy your food while having a little picnic in the cold wet middle-of-nowhere

Mum and me next to another ruin

Mum and me. Me grinning widely. (must be a forced smile. Either that or I'd gone completely bonkers!)

another photo of the ruin

Mum and me after we'd finally crossed the river, saved a sheep and climbed quite a way up that hill (Plynlimon/Punlumon) (not to mention lossed my sunglasses!)

I'm looking quite annoyed on this photo. I'd just realised, I didn't have my sunglasses anymore.

That would be the peak of Punlumon Fawr behind us in the cloud.

Looking south. A big black cloud over all the land.

Looking towards Plynlimons other peak in the cloud (just guessing)

Mum and me next to some strange stone advertising a website: www.1865.somethingorother

Mum and me are laughing our heads of here. Dad set the timer to take a photo, then came running but stumbled and fell over and came stumbling into the photo.

I'm unsure whether to smile or froun on this photo at what I thought was the peak of Plynlimon Fawr

view of somewhere in Wales

that's Mum in that cloud at the peak

all of us at the peak

short meal in the cairn at the top

Mum and me

view of what I think is the building site where 39 windmills are being built

I'm trying to explain the theorie of relativity to mum here

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