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danger It is recommended, that this website is not shown to anyone who is easily influenced by television or other forms of media. Nor should it be seen by pregnant women or people with heart problems. It is also highly dangerous to people with the tendency to get depressed, as this site could lead to schitzophrenia, paranoia or even suicide. In fact it is strongly recommended that you do not visit this site at all and leave immediately.

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This page was made so that other people can look at what we have done and laugh at us for their own amusement.
Here is some usefull (and useless) information about this website:

- The pictures are to be viewed in this order: From left to right, top to bottom. As illustratet by the example bellow.

- To see the full-size photos, just click on them. To return to the day page you came from, use the "back" button on your browser.

- The summary in turquoise at the top of each page was written by Mum and does not (necessarily) reflect the opinions of the other members of the group

- The comments in yellow were written by a deranged lunatic, so there is a lot of mistakes in them and some of the placenames are wrong.

- As the comments were written by this loony, there is are also a great many insults among them, and there is the chance that the user (you) gets hurt or feels attacked by them.

- This whole website was created by the loony mentioned earlier, so there may be some minor and major falts in it.

- If you are unhappy with the quality of this site, ... tuff luck, because this information-page was created by me, the loony, too! Hahahaha! Wahahaha!

- And there's nothing you can do to stop me! Hahahaha... ok. Enough laughing. I'm getting hoarse. (or turning into a horse)

- Oh. And by the way: The two strange images on the main page, are writing saying: "Our" and "Crazy". You will notice this if you move the mouse cursor over them too.